Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The White Queen at Kinetica

An extract of my last piece "The White Queen" is showing this week at the Kinetica Art Fair

it's being shown as a 3D "holographic" projection in the Musion Academy section. They're the people that did the Gorillaz live 3D stuff.

It is showing at :

Thursday 12:00
Friday 18:00
Saturday 14:00
Sunday 16:00

and I will be doing an "artists talk" at 4pm on Friday for an hour, discussing my "art practise" behind my work :

There are discount tickets available here (thanks Nicholas)

...sorry... I only got one freebie.

I'll be around at each screening, or intend to be. There's no mobile phone access in the gallery as it's, like, a bunker, but come find me if you come or ask someone in Musion where I am and I'll give you an Extra Strong Mint.


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