Monday, May 30, 2011

Electric Sound

New compilation from Electric Sound Records, featuring a track from me :

Goto the link to download or buy a physical copy, to listen to the compilation :

ESRCDR01 by Electric Sound Records


Some of my spoken word work up on

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Telepathy 101 soundtrack

Jim Hollands

Telepathy 101

Cassette, limited first edition of 60

£6 inc P&P from Entracte.

For further details on the cassette and to order from Entracte*, see a video or hear a music sample:

If vimeo doesn't work for you, the video and a new track not on the tape are also available to watch on youtube :

For further details on Entracte, see here :

* Allon from Entracte put the money up for the cassette and design. We split the number of cassettes in production, so he sells some and I have some to give away.
Should anyone not be able to afford the £6 and desperately want a physical product, see me.
If you don't want a cassette but still want to hear the music, the download link is here :

although the cassette comes with an extra track.