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3rd December 08 – 31st January 09

Bureau presents Here by Jim Hollands; a hallucinogenic dissolution between the screen and the viewer forming a radical new art agenda for the 21st century.

Here is a seventy-minute remix of a rarely seen existing work written by Joe Orton, called ‘The Erpingham Camp’. Originally screened on TV in 1966, it has been experimentally remixed in sound, image and words, with subtitles, and partly in anaglyphic (red/cyan) 3D. Large parts of the work operate under flicker frequencies of 8-13hz, and as such are viewable by epileptics or those prone to seizure at their own risk.

Called 'one of the most important new videos to be made in the UK in recent years' by Ian White, film curator at the Whitechapel, London, its psychic 3D odyssey erases and re-inscribes Orton’s play with a viral anti-narrative. Here transposes modern life into a structure, drawn as much from the cut-ups of William Burroughs, as it is from the psycho-social machinations of the internet, and by doing so becomes video as radical communication.

Jim Hollands is an artist working across film, sound and performance. He was the resident curator of a major avant-garde centre in London, The Horse Hospital, between 2000-2006, and is a member of the experimental sound group, Patricide.


Exhibition: Here
Please note: The film Here is 70 minutes long and will screen at 12.30pm, 2pm and 3.30pm daily, during the gallery opening hours. 3D glasses and refreshments will be provided.

Artist: Jim Hollands

Exhibition Dates: 3rd December 2008 – 31st January 2009

The gallery will be closed for Christmas & New Year as of 21st December 2008 to 14th January 2009.

Venue: Bureau, Ground Floor, Islington Mill, James Street, Salford / Manchester. M3 5HW
Email: info@bureaugallery.com
Website: http://www.bureaugallery.com

For further information about Jim Hollands: http://here.chantdownbabylon.com

Gallery Opening Times: Wednesday to Saturday 12 - 5pm
Admission: Free. Fully Accessible.

A live performance by Patricide (Jim Hollands, Aryan Darzi and GazCloud) will take place alongside the exhibition in late January. Details to be confirmed. Please visit the Bureau website for information.

For further information & images please contact Bureau at:


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