Monday, June 18, 2007

Here, preview screening

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The Chamber of Pop Culture and The Killing For Company present :

HERE by Jim Hollands ( UK, 70 mins )

featuring the voices of
Li Cassidy-Peet
Vincent Deary
Mark Ferelli
Paddy Glackin
Jim Hollands
Patricia MacCormack
Bertie Marshall
Geff Rushton
Tai Shani

Screening August 9th 2007
Doors 7.30pm
Screening 8.45pm

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the murder of UK playwright Joe Orton by a hammer to the head from his lover Kenneth Halliwell, The Horse Hospital is proud to present a world preview screening of Jim Hollands' latest video work, 'Here'.

'Here' is a 70 minute remix of a rarely seen existing work written by Joe Orton, called The Erpingham Camp. It was originally screened on TV in 1966. It has been experimentally remixed in sound, image and words, with subtitles, and is partly in anaglyphic ( red/cyan ) 3D. Large parts of the work operate under flicker frequencies of 8-13hz, and as such are viewable by epileptics or those prone to seizure at their own risk, and is best watched whilst under an influence. Hammers are optional.

Jim Hollands is an established filmmaker, sound artist and programmer who was the resident curator of a major avant-garde centre in London, The Horse Hospital, for the five years. He has just completed a masters in Digital Art, and his last work "Barenzirkus' is being distributed on DVD by Purescreen.

Following this screening of 'Here', the work is part of a residency at Prague, from 24-29th August.

For further details please contact /

Jim only has 150 3D glasses - they're really fucking expensive! - so places are limited. Please phone 0207 833 3644 for bookings.

The Horse Hospital


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